Are we perfect, yes we are!

As we all know that being a mom is rewarding, tiring, exciting and sometimes a bit stressful. Whether our children are babies, toddlers, kids, pre-teens or teens. Every stage has its rewards as well as challenges.

You are a mom 24/7 always trying to please your kids. It is our job to make sure that they have clean clothes that they are happy, managing at school, understand their homework, attending activities, eating proper food and so the list goes on. We all know that the balancing act is not easy and for those of us that work, it’s really a mission trying to keep it all together. 

It can all seem very overwhelming at times. Even though there are days where we just feel like things are falling a part, I have decided that we are all perfect moms. The fact that we cope with so much and yes, generally keep it altogether, that proves we are perfect moms. 

So a big cheers to all of us moms, for the great job that we do.


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Comment by Angeline
2008-09-23 22:51:08

yeah! *high-5* Big cheers to you and me!

Comment by Jack rodger
2014-07-31 15:29:54

Yes, moms are the best. We being a child can’t think of a single minute without are mother. I love my mom very much. They are the one that responsible for the complete child health their education etc.

Comment by Sharon
2008-09-24 09:44:12

Absolutely! A big cheers to us, we really deserve it.

Comment by Craig
2008-10-13 11:17:20

I agree with that whole heartedly, as a man who ‘played mom’ because at the time I worked from home and my wife went out to work, there are certainly major up’s and down’s but even us fellas can be perfect mums too!

It’s the little things with children that make it all worth while, and even when you are falling asleep 10 minutes after you have got the children to bed yourself, just one fantastic smile is often enough to keep you going for another few hours!

My personal opinion is that there is no all defining one guide book on bringing up children properly, everyone has their own ideas and you just have to go with what works at the time…

So yes perfect mums (and dads!) we all are!

Comment by Sharon
2008-10-14 09:41:31

Craig, you are absolutely right. We are all busy moms and dads and are all doing the best we can as parents, and human beings. there is no guide to being a parent.
just doing the best we can, makes us perfect mom’s and dads.


Comment by Robert
2009-10-07 17:28:31

Well I don’t personally have any knowledge on child care, but I can see your point. As someone who is busy with school and two jobs, I know what it is like to have no time for myself. I try to be perfect at taking care of myself, and I do consider myself to be a big child… so I guess there are similarities.

Comment by Sharon
2009-10-08 09:10:10

Thank you for your comment Robert! There sure are similarities!.


Comment by Jessica Marshall
2009-12-04 01:55:22

hay there to you all
i believe that to be a mother its the blessing that no other blessing can be compare with it
anyways its the duty of ours and we are the only one who can perform it
love to all

2010-01-17 12:15:32

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I’m serious and in earnest.

Comment by Jessica Vitalis
2010-03-22 11:24:31

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Comment by Salman Merchant
2010-09-08 17:01:13

This is a fantastic post. Every single mother should be proud of the fact that they make it through, considering how tough a task child rearing is.

I think we all work to strive for the very best for our children, and it’s the small things we take away that let us know we’re heading in the right direction. As they say, there’s no manual to being a parent.

Comment by Salman Merchant
2010-09-08 18:26:47

[…]Even though there are days where we just feel like things are falling a part, I have decided that we are all perfect moms. The fact that we cope with so much and yes, generally keep it altogether, that proves we are perfect moms.[…]


Comment by childcare
2010-09-13 11:50:20

Cheers to moms for the great jobs that you do. There is no perfect days, but you’re perfect the way you are.

Comment by diejhey
2011-05-13 04:37:22

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Thanks. God Bless

Comment by Shannon Bruneck
2012-03-07 02:12:18

It’s an outstanding work that moms do for their kids and three cheers for them.You give away everything for your kid but if you are at work,your child can miss out on something,For eg.-Food,play,learning and that’s the prime reason children day cares have been introduced in the society which provide motherly care to the little ones.I own a daycare and we tend to provide every possible thing to your child,which he might be missing out on due to lack of parental care.

2012-12-04 05:29:56

Hey nice blog Sharon, i will follow it from now :)

Comment by Flourish
2013-09-08 13:33:59

This blog is great

Comment by Greg
2013-11-19 12:28:45

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2014-08-26 09:21:09

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Comment by dennisse
2014-11-28 16:00:26

Being a mother is the most wonderful thing a woman can have and experienced in her whole life.

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2015-02-09 12:28:22

This is beautiful. Thank you for sharing this with the world. You hit motherhood right on.

Comment by Alison Ryan
2015-06-02 15:00:38

It’s so true that us Mums are constantly doing things for our children and I agree that we are doing our best. I think we often forget to treat ourselves as well as we do our kids!

Comment by Julie Molloy
2016-03-02 16:11:55

So true, we are all good mums trying to do the best we can.

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