Blue Monday, Blue Week…

It started off on Monday with all us of feeling incredibly tired and after a late night Sunday night from a family function. Kids went to school miserable, tired and grumpy and we worked on Monday feeling very tired. I then developed a horrible cold as the day went on. We ate take out for dinner as I couldn’t handle the thought of cooking. 

Tuesday I woke up and the cold seemed worse. The kids felt a bit better and went to school. At the end of the school day I get a call from the school to say my son is sick and throwing up. Oh No! I called a friend in desperation who got my kids home. My son was sick both ways until 10pm. My cold had worsened and I felt rotten. Luckily hubby and Princess T were OK. My boy managed to sleep it off. 

On Wednesday he felt better but still stayed home to make sure it was completely over, I felt horrible and a lot worse. At 1.00pm I cancelled work for the day and went lie down in bed. Two minutes later my son came running into the room, mom, it’s the school my daughter is sick. I brought my daughter home and just didn’t feel like I could manage much more of it. 

Luckily by today, I am feeling a tiny bit better, still have to work but I don’t feel as bad as yesterday. The kids returned to school today, so I a hoping that I will not get any more calls fro the school today..

It’s been a rough week but hopefully it will improve from the weekend.




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Comment by Angeline
2008-09-19 06:15:10

your heart must have sank to your belly when you received the call from school!

Comment by Sharon
2008-09-19 10:12:49

It did but hopefully we will all be on the mend from now on.

Comment by Jessica Marshall
2009-12-07 00:43:02

I really appreciate your post
actually the thing is that some times in bad times comes in our way of life we suddenly realized that our life is going to be very depressed and worse due to the situation we are facing for which we do not ready to face it
But i believe that being a mother of two beautiful kids you have to very tuff and strict in the plan
because due to the fluctuation in their routine will definitly lead to a bad conditions

cheers hope for the good
take care

Comment by au pair england
2011-11-18 10:08:09

rough life!!

Comment by qikkids training
2015-03-20 05:13:49

Hii, Its so bad to see your kids sick, hope they got better soon , these types of incidents in life simply horrifies us, but we need to make ourselves strong from inside.
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Comment by Jenny
2015-05-31 23:09:21

Hopefully you’ll all get better. Just drink lots of fluids and medicine of course.

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Comment by kathryn
2015-06-02 15:23:16

Hopefully by the time you read this all will be feeling much better. I always find that hot red lemonade with orange and lemon pieces cut up small works wonders with my family, myself included.

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