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“A New Earth”

Friday, May 2nd, 2008

I am in the middle of reading the book “A new Earth”. I have not had the opportunity to join Oprah’s 10 week internet session. .I am almost finished chapter 8, and have chapter 9 and 10 left to read. I wandered if any of you have had the opportunity to read it and what you think of it. Personally, I think that the book has a lot of pro’s and cons to it and terms of what it has done for me. It really has taught me to be a lot calmer about of lot of things in life and worry less about things that I used to worry about. It has also taught me to try and enjoy every moment of each day no matter what is happening at that moment. Some of the things the author states in the book, I do feel to be a little impractical to every day life. Life is generally busy for everyone, especially if you work full time and have children. So, it seems normal for people to be concerned with their daily chores and think about the things that have to be done tomorrow. I understand that his point is live in the present moment and don’t worry too much about tomorrow. It makes a lot of sense but sometimes it’s normal to have to think about things that are going to happen tomorrow. I don’t find it an easy read but it does have a very positive general message which is a good thing.





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