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The miracle and experience of birth..

Tuesday, March 11th, 2008

We all know that when we see a new born baby or have children of our own, those new born babies are truly a miracle.The question is though what kind of experience did the mom’s go through to bring that miracle into the world?

There are lots of mother’s today who choose to have a home birth either with or without a midwife present and no pain medication at all. I admire the mother’s who do that and hope that it can always turn out to be a positive home birth experience. There are mothers who experience their full pregnancy with an OB and have their OB or any other OB deliver their babies in the hospital with and epidural and pain medications. Some births can turn into an emergency C Section which is often necessary to save the life of mother or baby. Then there are mothers and often during their second births that may have to have a planned C Section. Once again this may be necessary for the safety of the mother and baby.


My first birth was a natural birth delivered in the hospital It was 35 hours of labour and initially I took an epidural but when it was time for the baby to come out the epidural had worn off and they would not top me up with another one. I had also developed toxaemia at the end. I had great trouble getting my miracle baby out. It was a very difficult birth and a very hard recovery there after. However my special boy is the best boy in the world and it was worth every difficult moment to have him in my life. My second birth 3 years later was with a different OB and it was a planned C Section. I was awake in the C Section and didn’t feel a thing. I was treated like an absolute queen and felt like it was a lot more civilized way to give birth. My recovery was quick and easy and after 10 days I was well healed and running around and driving. I have the most precious girl in the world that came out of that wonderful birth. 

We are all going to have different birth experiences, some positive and some negative. Which ever way it turns out, I know that the miracle of our babies is worth everything.

Approaching your child’s world with optimism

Tuesday, November 6th, 2007

Childhood can be both very exciting, and very challenging. It is very important to have a positive approach to our child’s world.

Our children never stop learning. Each stage of their life brings new learning and growing opportunities.When our children are babies, they discover new sounds, sights and movements. Babies absorb so many new things each day. They become excited, when learning something new; it takes them to each new stage of development. Babies learn to roll over and start to reach toys by themselves. They learn to sit upright, they learn to crawl, stand and walk by themselves. As they enter these new stages of development, they learn a sense of self confidence and independence. They also learn to wave and clap their hands. Babies make different sounds and noises; they smile, gurgle and laugh. It is the most precious moment for a parent, when a baby smiles and laughs for the first time.

Being a toddler and entering preschool age is certainly a very exciting time along with different challenges. It is a time when children explore new avenues. They learn to communicate and express themselves; they begin this by pointing to what they want and also using a certain amount of sign language. They develop sounds, words, and slowly start putting words together to form sentences, until they are able to communicate properly with an adult. They discover how to play with different toys. They learn to use their imagination, and also learn how to interact and socialize with other children..

School age is a new chapter in our children’s lives. This stage of a child’s life is challenging. Exciting and rewarding. Parents and care givers should encourage school and learning to be a positive experience. Each challenge should be approached calmly and one should always encourage the “doors of communication” to be open. .

We need to be excited with our children, about each stage of their lives. As our children develop in life, and approach each new challenge that they are faced with, we need to instil a strong sense of self confidence and self respect as well as respect for others, within our children.

Each child is unique, and each child has their own ‘special’ quality in themselves, that he/her will excel in, in life. As parents, care givers, teachers and child care workers, it is important to bring out the best in each child, so that each child can “blossom’ in life.


Breast or bottle feeding?

Monday, October 1st, 2007

There really is no right or wrong answer to this question. The answer is which ever works best for your baby and you.

The different factors that pertain to breast and bottle feeding are;

A) Convenience: breast feeding can be very convenient, especially during the night time feeds. There is nothing to prepare or heat up and your baby can be fed immediately as they need to. If you are bottle feeding, the best thing to do is to prepare the quantity of formula in the bottles ready for the night time, and have water that has already been sterilized in a jug waiting to pour directly into the bottle. These days’ hospitals will tell you that it’s alright to give the formula at room temperature, so one doesn’t even have to heat the bottle up at night. Your bottle fed baby can receive their feed as quickly as possible.

B) Bonding with your baby. Breast feeding did not work for me with both of my children, and I probably have a closer bond with my children than a lot of people who did breast feed their babies. You definitely have the opportunity to bond with your baby whilst breast feeding, but bottle fed babies can be equally bonded with their moms.

C) Nutrition – breast fed babies certainly do receive a wonderful nutrition from their moms provided they themselves eat a healthy diet, and do build up a strong immune system. Fortunately the formula today actually has a lot of wonderful vitamins in it, and bottle fed babies do receive enough vitamins to build up a strong immune system too.

D) When do you stop? There are no rules to end feeding your baby. Breast fed babies can continue to be fed until the mom feels it’s time to change over to bottle feeding or even drinking milk from a ‘sippi’ cup. Babies, who are bottle fed, generally stay on formula for a full year, and after a year their paediatricians recommend they can change over to regular milk, either in a bottle or cup.

At the end of the day, there is no right or wrong answer to breast or bottle fed babies. Use your mothers instinct and do what works best for your baby and you.

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