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Blue Monday, Blue Week…

Thursday, September 18th, 2008

It started off on Monday with all us of feeling incredibly tired and after a late night Sunday night from a family function. Kids went to school miserable, tired and grumpy and we worked on Monday feeling very tired. I then developed a horrible cold as the day went on. We ate take out for dinner as I couldn’t handle the thought of cooking. 

Tuesday I woke up and the cold seemed worse. The kids felt a bit better and went to school. At the end of the school day I get a call from the school to say my son is sick and throwing up. Oh No! I called a friend in desperation who got my kids home. My son was sick both ways until 10pm. My cold had worsened and I felt rotten. Luckily hubby and Princess T were OK. My boy managed to sleep it off. 

On Wednesday he felt better but still stayed home to make sure it was completely over, I felt horrible and a lot worse. At 1.00pm I cancelled work for the day and went lie down in bed. Two minutes later my son came running into the room, mom, it’s the school my daughter is sick. I brought my daughter home and just didn’t feel like I could manage much more of it. 

Luckily by today, I am feeling a tiny bit better, still have to work but I don’t feel as bad as yesterday. The kids returned to school today, so I a hoping that I will not get any more calls fro the school today..

It’s been a rough week but hopefully it will improve from the weekend.




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