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Communication is the key to success

Monday, September 24th, 2007

From the time our children are babies, it is important to communicate with them. Our little children understand more than we think they do. Don’t change the way you speak to your baby or toddler, don’t talk in a different tone of voice, and don’t talk down to them.

Don’t speak to them like they are little robots. Be yourself, and your little one will understand you.

From as early as kindergarten, and then right through the grades and especially during high school days, keep the lines of communication open.

When talking to your children each day, ask very specific questions. Ask them things like what did you learn in math today, or did you have a good day or a bad day and then get them to elaborate. Ask them questions such as did you play with Sally at recess? If your child is in high school ask questions such as which close friends did you hang out with at recess.

Teach your children from a young age, not to be afraid to talk to you if things are bothering them. If you ever notice your child seems to be sad, or just not their regular happy selves, approach them with lots of questions. If your teenager does not want to speak to you, leave it alone, but let them know you are there for them to turn to if need be.

Your child must know that it’s important to talk to you if they experience any form of social, verbal or physical bullying. Teach your children to be strong, to stand up for their rights and generally that bullies pick on other children, because they have very low sense of self esteem, are very insecure, and that most bullies try make themselves feel better by making other children feel bad. If bullying ever becomes a more serious issue, contact your child’s school principal immediately.

As children grow up and become teenagers they are exposed to a lot of things in the world today, that us as parents never were when we were their age.

Young children are exposed to smoking, alcohol, drugs and sex at a very young age. They are also exposed to the internet and various chat lines that aren’t always safe for our children.

It is therefore important for parents to be a step ahead of their children’s friends and that we educate our children about what is going on in the world today, and that we teach them to make responsible decisions.

It is also important that we teach them that we will not judge them and that if they make incorrect decisions for themselves and that we are the first people that they must always turn to for help. Unfortunately in the world today there are many “sick” people that do horrible things to children , therefore it is important to street wise and educate our children as best as we possibly can.

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