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Dark day blues

Sunday, November 11th, 2007

It’s amazing the moment we change our clocks back in November, both adults and the kids feel so much more tired as the sun sets earlier and earlier each day. The sun now sets by 5.30pm and in another month it will be 4.30pm and by the end of December it will be 4.00pm. It’s amazing how the dark days put an instant tired feeling inside our bodies. My children have been asking to eat dinner so much earlier too. The good part is that they do go to sleep a little earlier. I try my best to keep some sort of routine in the dark days so that they don’t get too tired too early. During the months of December I guess the Hannukah/ Christmas hype keep our minds off the dark days. At least by January I know that the days will stay lighter a little bit longer at the end of each day, and then it’s only about two more months of extreme cold and snow before we change our clocks forward again. I always like to watch how my children’s energy level jumps up as soon as we change the clocks forward again.

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