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Anything in extreeme is not healthy

Sunday, October 21st, 2007

We all want to do what’s best for our children. Sometimes parents don’t realize that what they are doing can be detrimental to their children.

You hear of Sam, the little boy that was never allowed even the slightest bit of sugar in his diet. His parents only wanted him to eat healthy food. That sounds alright, nothing wrong with that. However when Sam turned 3 years old, he was invited to a friend’s birthday party, and while all the other children ran around and played and had fun, Sam sat at the snack table guzzling down the candy that he had never tasted before. Of course giving candy to your children daily is unhealthy, however anything in moderation is okay, and a very small treat once a week is acceptable to give.

It’s the same with discipline. The child that is screamed at daily for every tiny thing that the parents feel they do wrong, will cause them to turn into an anxious child. The child who never hears the word no, will be the type of child that people dread having over to their house, as they become destructive and unpleasant to be around. The best thing to do is to choose your battles, but to teach your children to be respectful and to teach them the difference between right and wrong. Give them lots of praise and self confidence, but don’t let them be your boss, show them that you are in charge.

It also applies to things like too much programming or too little programming of your school age child. Children already spend a full week at school and are basically there for a whole day. Some children go to school a full day and their parents put them into a different extra curriculum activity each night and all weekend.  Those children are sometimes so over programmed, not only do they not have time to relax and be kids for awhile, but they also burn our before they are even teenagers. Other children do not activities after school and nothing on the weekend either. You know your child best. If you think that too many activities in the week as well as full days of school each day is too much for your child, then at least do one activity or two activities on the weekend. Try and pick an activity that your child wants to do, and will have fun and that they don’t feel like it’s a chore. If you feel your child is the type that needs to be busy constantly, then instead of always putting them into programs make time for play dates as socialization is also very important. kids.

You know your child the best and what would work for your child’s needs. Although it is not always easy, try and create a balanced situation for your child. Anything in extreme is not healthy and can do a lot of harm to our children without us realizing it.


Disciplining our babies and toddlers.

Sunday, September 23rd, 2007

Often we hear parents say that they can’t believe that their babies and toddlers understand so much, and that they are so smart.

Yet, when it comes to having to discipline our babies and toddlers, a lot of parents say, oh she/he is too young to understand that they are doing something wrong – quite a contradictory isn’t it?

Discipline does not mean being mean to babies and toddlers, but rather teaching them and giving them direction.

Here are some methods of discipline that can guide parents along.

Firstly, always reward positive behaviour! Children thrive on praise, and it also helps to develop a good sense of self confidence.

Teach your children to use good manners and to respect other children and people.

From the time our children are babies, and begin to move around and explore their environment, it is important to teach them what they can and can’t touch. This is important for safety reasons too. All we have to do is in a firm tone say “No Jack you cannot put your hands all over the television!” Move Jack away from the television and re-direct his attention on to a toy that he can play with safely. Keep repeating this to your child and eventually they will loose interest in touching things that they are not supposed to. Be consistent so that your child learns well and does not receive mixed messages.

When our children are toddlers, disciple is a real challenge. Once again always reward positive behaviour, by doing this you will encourage good behaviour, and also develop a good sense of self esteem.

Your toddler will understand if you speak in a firm tone, when teaching them that certain behaviour like aggressive behaviour or impolite behaviour is not acceptable.

Toddlers become strong willed and will try everything to fight for what they want. Re-direction is a wonderful way of moving your child’s attention on to something else, and preventing a lot of upset behaviour. Be positive and show your toddler that they can have fun with lots of different toys, teach them to take turns and share while socializing with their friends.

Time out is also successful, it does not need to be something harsh or negative .It removes a toddler from the situation, and gives them a small moment to understand that what they where doing is not right. Teach your toddler to apologize to other children for upsetting them, and once again re-direct their attention to different toys.

Discipline can be a challenge with our babies and toddlers, but be consistent and be patient, so that we can encourage our babies and toddlers to grow into happy confident children.

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