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Tuesday, June 10th, 2008

My daughter’s birthday is actually on July 6th. She always celebrates her party with her school friends in June so that her friends can participate in her parties. If I wait until July some of her friends are away and others go to their cottages for the weekend. We have so many events on this month every weekend, that she celebrated her birthday with her friends this past weekend. She had a gymnastics party, it was an hour and half long and it was wonderful. The gymnastics place took over for the hour and kids had an awesome time. I didn’t do it at meal time so after the hour the children came into the party room for cake, candy and chips. She had a beautiful fairy cake as she absolutely loves fairies. She had a really wonderful celebration. Of course she will celebrate her real birthday with her family and we will do something special for her. The following day on Sunday we went to Canada’s Wonderland and the kids had an absolute blast on the rides. My daughter and I stuck to the more gentle kids rides, while my hubby and 10 year old son braved a few roller coasters. Personally the roller coasters make my tummy jump out, so I will chicken out and stick to the tamer rides.


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