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Thursday, December 20th, 2007

Nine and a half years ago my hubby and I were blessed with a beautiful blued eyed baby boy. Three years later we blessed with a beautiful dark eyed baby girl.

All children have different personalities and temperaments.

Our boy is very calm and easy going. He is very emotionally mature for his age. He is generally a happy go lucky boy, uncomplicated and eager to please.

 Our princess has the most energetic and alive personality. She is full of life and fun. Unfortunately she tends to be a little more challenging when it comes to listening and not giving us arguments.

 Speaking around to people who have both sons and daughters, most of them report the daughters to be more challenging and not as easy going as the boys.

 I am not really sure if this is a set rule with boys and girls, or just two different kids with two completely different personalities.

Whether you have children of the same sex, or both sons and daughters and even if the girls are a little challenging, I am sure they still bring so much pleasure into your world, just as much as your sons do.




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