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Making the most of winter

Wednesday, November 28th, 2007

For those of you who live in places like Chicago, New York, or other winter climate places, you will know that we really have to make the most of winter. Living here in Canada, the winter can certainly be long, but I always make the most of it, and teach my children to as well. They are outside daily at recess at school, so that is good. On weekends, I bundle them up and go for walks with them. When we have lots of snow we all go outside and make snow angels, and snow men. We of course also go tobogganing down the snowy hills, and then afterwards really appreciate a warm cup of hot chocolate. I try my best to make  the long winters exciting and fun. So I hope that all of you who live in cold climates, also have a great time, and please feel free to share any other outdoor winter activities that we can continue to make the most of winter.

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