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New years resolutions

Sunday, January 6th, 2008

Let’s get real. Who can make realistic resolutions that you can stick to for an entire year. Not many of us. They usually go something like this….

If you are a smoker – cut down or give up altogether.

If you enjoy a bit too much of drinking – cut down or give up altogether.

Eat healthier – and cut down or give up junk food.

Exercise – start doing it, or do it more often

Spending money – cut down on expenses… and so the list goes on.

But… without giving yourselves realistic goals with deadlines no resolutions are possibly going to be able to be achieve successfully.

I personally have a daily resolution for 2008, to always stay positive, look forward and forget things that have already happened. Have fun with my husband and kids and make the best of all situations. As for the rest I haven’t quite written out my list but am trying to write down realistic goals with realistic timelines to achieve.

So best of luck to all of you for your new years resolutions for 2008

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