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Friday, February 1st, 2008

Today is yet another PD day for the school year.  This year is insane. There is a PD day at least once a month. I know that the kids love it but seriously the school year is short and I think that they loose a lot of learning time with all the PD days. So, I decided to use the opportunity to book the kids dental appointments. Okay not the best mom thing to do on a PD day, I know I know I should be taking them out somewhere fun. However I’d rather get these kinds of chores done on a PD day and then we can still enjoy our weekend as a family when hubby is around too. However a major snow storm arrived with freezing rain and so I had to re schedule the dentist appointments. So we haven’t been able to do anything to do, no chores or not even anything fun but spend the day being house bound. I thought it would be a drag, but the kids are having a whale of a time doing their own thing at home for a change.The joys of living in a cold climate but i must say it worked out for the best in the end.



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