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School Report Time

Monday, November 26th, 2007

 It is hard to believe that this week my children will already be receiving their first school reports of this school year. They are in grade one and grade four. I have not received any phone calls from either of their teachers, so I am presuming that there will not be any major surprises. I am never too concerned about their grades, provided that they have shown me that they have worked hard to obtain whatever the grade is. I do not expect them to  do well in every subject. As much as it would be nice, every child does better in some things than other. As a mom I never compare my children to each other, and I never compare them to their friends or neighbours. Quite honestly I am not interested in their friends and neighbours school reports, it is none of my business, and my children’s reports none of theirs. I teach my children to be very proud of themselves and their achievements, and if any area does need work, we spend the rest of the time working on it. Every weekend just after their school reports, we take them out for dinner to celebrate their achievements.


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