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Monday, June 2nd, 2008

I am all in favour of school trips. However the other day my son (who is 10 years old in grade four) brought home a form to be signed and paid for a school trip. It’s a father’s day trip. They want the father’s to join their son’s for a baseball game downtown, during the week during work and school hours. We were told if dad can’t make it, bring uncle or grandpa but if there is no adult to accompany your child, they cannot participate on the trip. It sounds so exciting and what a wonderful idea for the school to have thought of. Unfortunately my hubby couldn’t take off work that day as a month ago, he already booked off his vacation time, and we were only told about this a couple of days ago. I too can’t take off work for the same reasons even though it’s not really for the women. We don’t have family living here in Canada with us, except my sister and both her and her husband work full time too. I was feeling so sad for my son to think that he had to miss out on the trip. Eventually, his teacher who is a young male teacher called him aside at school and told him that he will go along with him as “the adult” on the trip so that my son can still have a chance to participate in the trip. Today, I sent his teacher a special thank you note and was so grateful, that his teacher was so kind to do that for us. There really are some special people in this world who are willing to help out and they make this world a better place.


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