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Ski Trip

Tuesday, February 26th, 2008

Yesterday my son went with the school on a ski trip. The grade 4- 8’s were invited to go.

He was so excited. He was up at 6.00am as he had to be at school at 7.00am sharp. The trip was taking place at a ski resort that was about an hour and half a away from home. The children had to provide their own helmets and ski goggles but we were able to rent the ski’s. They actually give them ski lessons before they allow the children to actually have free time to ski. He had the most amazing time ever and living in a cold climate, I just think it’s the most wonderful opportunity that the school provides for them. He was also very excited with the wonderful coach buses that they took them on. The buses provided a washroom as well as a movie each way for the children to watch. It was a really fantastic day for him.


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