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The count down to halloween

Monday, October 29th, 2007


The stores are packed with Halloween costumes and decorations.

The kids are beside themselves with excitement, as trick or treat night approaches us.Who can go to the most houses and who can get the most candy?Halloween is totally commercialized and totally fun.

So why not moms and dads dress up with your kids and dress up the dogs and cats too, we can all get into the spirit.All of our kids love Halloween. After a fun night and even some good exercise of lots of walking from house to house, the candy is then brought home.We check the candy to make sure everything is safe to eat. We allow them one small candy to eat as a Halloween night treat before bed. After that the candy bags get put away, the fun is over and the candy is lasts until next May, at that point there’s not much left but what ever is left gets trashed away, until the next Halloween. We won’t forget to share some candy and give some away  to those who did not have the privilege of celebrating Halloween night.  


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