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The miracle and experience of birth..

Tuesday, March 11th, 2008

We all know that when we see a new born baby or have children of our own, those new born babies are truly a miracle.The question is though what kind of experience did the mom’s go through to bring that miracle into the world?

There are lots of mother’s today who choose to have a home birth either with or without a midwife present and no pain medication at all. I admire the mother’s who do that and hope that it can always turn out to be a positive home birth experience. There are mothers who experience their full pregnancy with an OB and have their OB or any other OB deliver their babies in the hospital with and epidural and pain medications. Some births can turn into an emergency C Section which is often necessary to save the life of mother or baby. Then there are mothers and often during their second births that may have to have a planned C Section. Once again this may be necessary for the safety of the mother and baby.


My first birth was a natural birth delivered in the hospital It was 35 hours of labour and initially I took an epidural but when it was time for the baby to come out the epidural had worn off and they would not top me up with another one. I had also developed toxaemia at the end. I had great trouble getting my miracle baby out. It was a very difficult birth and a very hard recovery there after. However my special boy is the best boy in the world and it was worth every difficult moment to have him in my life. My second birth 3 years later was with a different OB and it was a planned C Section. I was awake in the C Section and didn’t feel a thing. I was treated like an absolute queen and felt like it was a lot more civilized way to give birth. My recovery was quick and easy and after 10 days I was well healed and running around and driving. I have the most precious girl in the world that came out of that wonderful birth. 

We are all going to have different birth experiences, some positive and some negative. Which ever way it turns out, I know that the miracle of our babies is worth everything.

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