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Time is flying….

Thursday, January 24th, 2008

Sometimes I wish I could catch time while it is flying and hold it still.

Princess T is now 6 yrs old in grade one. She really is becoming so independent now. Her big brother Y is 9 and half years old and will be turning 10 in April. He is in grade four. For those whose kids are already teens don’t think that I am crazy when I say it kind of scares me that he will be out of the single digit numbers. Of course he is very independent. He can do everything for himself now. He goes out to his friends houses on a street alone and walks home his little sister from school daily. I’ve never really felt age that much until this year. I guess that as the children grow one really begins to question things about their life. 

I keep wondering about things like… maybe it’s time for a career change now that the kids are getting older. Then when I think about the practical side of things they really are young enough to still need me around. 

Well I just wondered if any other mom feels time as their children grow older like I have been.


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