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Victoria Day

Tuesday, May 20th, 2008

Yesterday was Victoria Day over here in Ontario Canada. It was so wonderful to have a long weekend. It’s amazing how relaxed we all felt at the end of Friday knowing that Monday was going to be a holiday too. Actually it was Sunday night that felt so relaxing knowing you had that extra day to relax. We had quite a busy long weekend. We were busy visiting family and friends and also had a barbecue even though unfortunately the weather was not the best.

 On Sunday night my hubby and I watched the movie”P.S I love you” and we actually found it  to be a very depressing and heavy going movie. I personally prefer light hearted comedies or fantasy movies. I feel that there are so many stressful things going on in the world as it is, that I’d prefer to watch a lighter hearted movie. On Saturday night we got a babysitter and went with some friends to an “All you can eat Japanese” restaurant. It was fantastic. The food was delicious, you didn’t have to go up and get your food, each dish was brought to your table for you but you could order as much as you wanted off the menu. The food was awesome and the company was great and it was just great to eat and relax and not jump up 10 times during the meal. Although I must say now that my children are getting older we really do get to relax a little more during meal time. We had a wonderful long week end and the small break  was very much appreciated.

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