Fathers Day

I lost my own father very tragically when I was 11 years old. I used to find Fathers day a very emotional and difficult day after that. Now I have my own 2 children. I am ever so grateful that my children who are 10 and 7 years old are able to spend each father’s day with my wonderful hubby and their special dad. So yesterday we decided to go to Unionville and enjoy a lovely lunch together. We chose a table outside and just as our food order had been taken; it started to pour with rain. Luckily we ran inside and managed to get a table and still enjoy our lunch together.

Both the children made my hubby beautiful father’s day cards at school and my daughter’s class made beautiful father’s day book s. In the afternoon after the rain had stopped we all went for bike rides together.We spoiled my hubby with delicious breakfast and yummy lunch and supper

He had a wonderful father’s day and I am so proud of my hubby, he truly is the greatest dad to our children.


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Early celebration..

My daughter’s birthday is actually on July 6th. She always celebrates her party with her school friends in June so that her friends can participate in her parties. If I wait until July some of her friends are away and others go to their cottages for the weekend. We have so many events on this month every weekend, that she celebrated her birthday with her friends this past weekend. She had a gymnastics party, it was an hour and half long and it was wonderful. The gymnastics place took over for the hour and kids had an awesome time. I didn’t do it at meal time so after the hour the children came into the party room for cake, candy and chips. She had a beautiful fairy cake as she absolutely loves fairies. She had a really wonderful celebration. Of course she will celebrate her real birthday with her family and we will do something special for her. The following day on Sunday we went to Canada’s Wonderland and the kids had an absolute blast on the rides. My daughter and I stuck to the more gentle kids rides, while my hubby and 10 year old son braved a few roller coasters. Personally the roller coasters make my tummy jump out, so I will chicken out and stick to the tamer rides.


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School trips…

I am all in favour of school trips. However the other day my son (who is 10 years old in grade four) brought home a form to be signed and paid for a school trip. It’s a father’s day trip. They want the father’s to join their son’s for a baseball game downtown, during the week during work and school hours. We were told if dad can’t make it, bring uncle or grandpa but if there is no adult to accompany your child, they cannot participate on the trip. It sounds so exciting and what a wonderful idea for the school to have thought of. Unfortunately my hubby couldn’t take off work that day as a month ago, he already booked off his vacation time, and we were only told about this a couple of days ago. I too can’t take off work for the same reasons even though it’s not really for the women. We don’t have family living here in Canada with us, except my sister and both her and her husband work full time too. I was feeling so sad for my son to think that he had to miss out on the trip. Eventually, his teacher who is a young male teacher called him aside at school and told him that he will go along with him as “the adult” on the trip so that my son can still have a chance to participate in the trip. Today, I sent his teacher a special thank you note and was so grateful, that his teacher was so kind to do that for us. There really are some special people in this world who are willing to help out and they make this world a better place.


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Our 12th anniversary

Yesterday my hubby and I celebrated our 12th anniversary. Wow, how the years fly by. We immigrated to Canada 11 years ago and it has been a long road to climb. All in all we have come a long way and we have had to take baby steps to move forward all the time. Our best achievements in our life are certainly are our two beautiful children who are now 10 and 7 yrs old. Our next best achievement is our happy home. We don’t live in our very big home and we don’t have lots luxuries, but it’s a happy home and we all have lots of fun together and that’s the best luxury any one can have and that my children could ever have. Every day I am grateful for all the blessing in my life and always try and look at the glass half full and not half empty.


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Victoria Day

Yesterday was Victoria Day over here in Ontario Canada. It was so wonderful to have a long weekend. It’s amazing how relaxed we all felt at the end of Friday knowing that Monday was going to be a holiday too. Actually it was Sunday night that felt so relaxing knowing you had that extra day to relax. We had quite a busy long weekend. We were busy visiting family and friends and also had a barbecue even though unfortunately the weather was not the best.

 On Sunday night my hubby and I watched the movie”P.S I love you” and we actually found it  to be a very depressing and heavy going movie. I personally prefer light hearted comedies or fantasy movies. I feel that there are so many stressful things going on in the world as it is, that I’d prefer to watch a lighter hearted movie. On Saturday night we got a babysitter and went with some friends to an “All you can eat Japanese” restaurant. It was fantastic. The food was delicious, you didn’t have to go up and get your food, each dish was brought to your table for you but you could order as much as you wanted off the menu. The food was awesome and the company was great and it was just great to eat and relax and not jump up 10 times during the meal. Although I must say now that my children are getting older we really do get to relax a little more during meal time. We had a wonderful long week end and the small break  was very much appreciated.

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Mothers day…

To all the wonderful hard working moms out there, I wish you a very happy mother’s day. I had the most wonderful Mothers day and I hope that you did too.

I received cards from my children and husband and both children made me something special from school. We had dinner out the night before Mothers day as they had plenty planned for me during mother’s day. On Sunday my family cooked me breakfast, lunch and supper and even washed all the dishes for me. So, it was really wonderful and I was treated like a queen.

 I hope all you moms out there were all treated like a queen.



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“A New Earth”

I am in the middle of reading the book “A new Earth”. I have not had the opportunity to join Oprah’s 10 week internet session. .I am almost finished chapter 8, and have chapter 9 and 10 left to read. I wandered if any of you have had the opportunity to read it and what you think of it. Personally, I think that the book has a lot of pro’s and cons to it and terms of what it has done for me. It really has taught me to be a lot calmer about of lot of things in life and worry less about things that I used to worry about. It has also taught me to try and enjoy every moment of each day no matter what is happening at that moment. Some of the things the author states in the book, I do feel to be a little impractical to every day life. Life is generally busy for everyone, especially if you work full time and have children. So, it seems normal for people to be concerned with their daily chores and think about the things that have to be done tomorrow. I understand that his point is live in the present moment and don’t worry too much about tomorrow. It makes a lot of sense but sometimes it’s normal to have to think about things that are going to happen tomorrow. I don’t find it an easy read but it does have a very positive general message which is a good thing.





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My mom…

My mom lives in Florida. My children haven’t seen her for a year now. She is arriving to visit for a week. The children are beside themselves with excitement and so am I. My mom has always been a huge inspiration to me. She hasn’t had an easy life but always remains positive and full of energy and lives life to the fullest. She is fun and always looks on the bright side of life. She is also a huge help and helps me with all the house hold chores when she comes.

My children absolutely adore her even if they don’t see her too often.Isn’t it wonderful when your mom can always be such a positive role model in your life, I hope that as my children grow up, that I will be a positive role model in their life too

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Feeling age through your child’s age..

For those of you who are reading this and whose children are adolescents you will probably have a good laugh at this. Last week my oldest son turned ten years old. I felt quite old at the fact that I have a ten year old son. He really is no longer a kid anymore and is kind of a pre teenager. I know that the challenges are going to come my way over the next few years. He is a fabulous boy with a wonderful disposition and very kind and caring heat. However I am aware that things may change as he approaches the teenage years.

My little one is six and half years old and I know when she turns seven this year, it will really hit me that we have no more babies at home.

In many ways I prefer the stage that they are at now to when they were infants. Don’t get me wrong, they were cute and adorable when they were infants. But, I do feel that I enjoy them in a different way now and I am certainly not as tired and exhausted as I was when they were infants.

I don’t know if any of you have felt this way before, but I really felt my age through my son’s 10th birthday..

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My handy hubby…

I am so lucky to have a hubby so handy, he can do anything.

This weekend he painted our bedroom, it’s in a colour called “Pearl Harbour”, which is like a very light tan colour. The room looks so beautiful. I felt like I was in a new house afterwards. He has also painted both our children’s rooms.

Five years ago when we first moved into our house, it was still a fairly new home and the basement was not finished yet. He built our entire basement all by himself. He even had to put a ceiling up which he did all by himself. It took him 3 months as he did it every night after work and every weekend. The finished result was magnificent. I am so proud of him and so lucky to be married to such a handy hubby.


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